Every summer, Brown University welcomes about 4,000 talented students seeking a college-level academic and residential experience at an Ivy League university. The university offers a wide array of programs that span one to seven weeks in length, with about 200 courses taught by incredible faculty both from Brown and other top academic institutions.

Students can choose from several different programs, which include college credit courses, travel programs and specialized programs in topics like leadership, the environment, theatre, sports and science. As each program has its own particular framework, students are recommended to read the thorough descriptions provided on the Summer@Brown website to determine which is the best program for them.

Students who attend Summer@Brown live in residence halls, which are within walking distance from academic buildings and other campus resources. Residence halls are coed, but students live in same-sex floor units with shared same-sex bathrooms. Trained community directors and resident assistants also live in the dormitories and serve as resources for students throughout the program.

Summer@Brown also offers a wide range of both co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The College Success Series provides workshops to help Summer@Brown students explore college choices and better understand the admission process at selective colleges all over the country. Other activities including college visits, The Brown Speaker Series, the Annual College Fair, film viewings, yoga classes and much more take place during weekday evenings. There also are plenty of weekend activities such as dances, talent shows, open-mic nights, movie trips, and day-trips to Boston, beaches and shopping outlets.

Applications can be submitted beginning December 1st, including those from students in need of financial aid. Acceptances and financial aid awards are granted starting in late December. Both admission and financial aid is considered on a “rolling” basis (in other words; first-come, first-served), so early applicants have the best chance at both.

The complete application calendar, fee schedule and the Program Application and Dean’s Scholarship Application forms are published on the website prior to December 1st. Dean’s Scholarship Applications must be accompanied by recent IRS 1040 and W-2 Forms. Students needing financial aid must submit their applications and aid materials by March 31st at the latest.