Reach High 2011 Yearbook Picture

Reach High Scholars Club

The Reach High Scholars Club is for high school students who are members of RHSP. It meets weekly.

The students are committed to controlling their education destiny with the goal of attending highly resourced colleges. In the meetings, they plan forthcoming college visits, report on schools recently visited or researched, discuss their experiences in summer programs and compare the curricula and financial aid policies at various colleges.

The older students play an important role in spreading ideas to the sophomores and freshmen, not only in the Club’s meetings, but also in the hallways, lunch room and wherever they encounter each other. This supportive activity continues after they go on to college.

The Club is directed by Ms. Meredith Hallman, a member of the Guidance team, and Mrs. Shanyn Grenier and Mrs. Sarah Nelson, Program Directors of RHSP.

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