Raymond High School

Reach High Scholars Program

The Reach High Scholars Program (“RHSP”) supplements resources that the schools in Raymond and Epping, New Hampshire, and neighboring towns are in a position to provide by encouraging students to “reach higher” in their educational pursuits than they otherwise would have imagined possible.

RHSP’s philosophy is that money should not be a roadblock to a great education. At no cost to the school district, it provides a continuum of initiatives that start in the Middle School. The goal is to help students get through the starting gates to be admitted by highly resourced colleges that provide first-class educational opportunities and considerable need-based financial aid.

The Reach High Scholars Program is an independent NH Nonprofit Corporation and an exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

RHSP's Structure

Starting with its inception in 2008, RHSP operated on an informal basis, during which time it became well-established in the fabric of the school district and the community, and it had exceptionally good college admissions results. In 2017, it moved to a more defined structure, with clear criteria for selection and standards for continuing membership. It also began to offer programming to students in neighboring towns and will expand in the Fall of 2021 to include the Epping school district in full membership.

Members of RHSP accumulate eligibility points for their academic achievements and their involvement in initiatives of RHSP, with a minimum number of points required at the beginning of each year for continued membership. At the end of the junior year, based on their accumulation of points, participants will be honored as Members, Honors Members and Highest Honors Members, with further requirements to maintain those levels until graduation — at which time, members will receive appropriate recognition for their achievements.

In their senior year, students will be able to include their membership status on their college applications. The admission offices at about 100 top colleges will be furnished with information on the activities of RHSP to provide them with an appreciation of the value of this credential.