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Starting to think about college can feel like entering a big, confusing maze:  you’re aiming for an uncertain goal in the center, and you’re not sure which way to turn to get there.

The aim of this website is to break the process into manageable chunks and to empower you to reach higher in your educational pursuits than you would have previously imagined possible.

The experience can be fun and exhilarating. You will be playing out the motto of the Reach High Scholars Program to control your destiny.

Colege maze

Fast Facts about the Reach High Scholars Program

Colleges attended by RHSP students since 2010 include:

Bard (2)
Boston College
Connecticut College
Dartmouth (3)

Hamilton (3)
Hobart & Wm. Smith (6)
Holy Cross (4)
Mount Holyoke
Northeastern (2)
Rensselaer Polytechnic (3)
St. Lawrence (4)

Skidmore (3)
Trinity (2)
Univ. of NH (25)
Univ. of Rochester
Union (3)
Wheaton (6)
Worcester Polytechnic (6)

Most graduate with modest debt, and with need-based grants of up to $69,000 per year

  • Total value of grants obtained from highly resourced colleges exceeds $7.6 million.
  • 93% four-year graduation rate for 41 students at highly resourced colleges (through 2021).

Emphasis on pursuit of academic excellence starting in middle school

  • 357 participants in Reach High Roundtables, a 12-day summer academic enrichment program for rising 8th - 10th graders from Raymond and nearby towns.
  • 353 participants in RHSP’s PSAT and SAT Boot Camps.
  • 182 participants in boarding summer academic enrichment programs at Brown, Dartmouth, Phillips Exeter and St. Paul’s, with financial aid of over $885,000 (31% of which was reimbursed by RHSP and supporters).

Solid fundraising track record

  • Contributions from charitable institutions and individuals to RHSP and its Summer Enrichment partners of about $474,000 ($222,000 to summer partners and $252,000 to RHSP).
  • In other words, cash contributed to RHSP and its summer partners has led, in the form of scholarships and grants from colleges, to a 16X multiplier effect.

Many now pursuing impressive careers

  • Four pursuing or have PhDs, three Masters’ degrees, two JDs.
  • Two Fulbright Scholarships to study and work abroad.
  • Several working in high-tech companies, including Amazon, Athenahealth, BAE Systems, Fidelity Investments, Google, Grubhub, Hexcel, IBM Watson, MathWorks and Moderna Therapeutics.

Testimonials from Reach High Scholars alumni/ae and Parents:

"RHSP showed me how to get my 'mud on the wall' by helping me identify a lot of different opportunities. I was able to attend the Phillips Exeter summer program, the Advanced Studies Program at St. Paul’s School, and various college visit programs. Because of the experiences I had with the help of RHSP, I was able to get into a great college with even greater financial aid!"

Tovah Duffaut (RHS ’19, Colby ’23)

"RHSP was very instrumental for our twin daughters in the college process. They gained a lot of personal growth from Exeter Summer, alleviating anxiety and creating excitement about going to college! RHSP’s test prep helped them achieve higher SAT scores. They learned of many selective colleges that we hadn’t previously known about. The program helped our girls bolster their high school resumes, making them more competitive in the admissions process. What I appreciated most was the very knowledgeable RHSP team guiding us from the early stages through the college acceptances and beyond. RHSP is the biggest asset our children had in high school.”

Kelley Brown, Parent of Abby Brown (RHS ’21, Babson ’25) and Maddy Brown (RHS ’21, St. Lawrence ’25)

"The Reach High Scholars Program inspired me to be the best student that I could be on a daily basis. I was developing a sense of where I wanted to be and who I wanted to be.  It made a huge difference in where I am today. I learned from RHSP that the price tag is no means what you pay. I have modest government loans and I am responsible for about $1,000 per year."

Charlie DeBenedetto (RHS 12, Hobart & William Smith ’16)

"RHSP gave me the resources to be prepared for the college process. It helped to identify the right questions to explore and how to answer them."

Abbey Schlangen (RHS ’12, Trinity ’16)

“One of the key premises of RHSP is that it can be done from Raymond.  It is possible for students from Raymond High School to attend highly competitive colleges at an affordable cost.”

Jonathan Lemay (RHS ’11, Skidmore '15)

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