Current Initiatives


(1) the maintenance of a website:;

(2) furnishing information on colleges and the financial aid which they offer;

(3) organizing visits for RHS students to several schools that are within a one or two-day drive from Raymond and contributing a portion of the transportation expenses;

(4) encouraging RHS students to attend summer enrichment programs at top educational institutions;

(5) encouraging students to take courses on-line that are not available at RHS, including honors and advanced placement courses;

(6) providing college preparation help, including a course conducted by Academic Approach to prepare for the PSAT and SAT tests;

(7) paying a portion of the fees for RHS students applying to summer programs, preparing for and taking standard college admission tests and applying to four-year colleges;

(8) the Reach High Scholars Club, a student-run extracurricular activity; and

(9) Raymond Roundtables, a summer enrichment program in Raymond for middle school and ninth grade students.