General Information


Excelling at a sport can be an advantage in getting into a good school. The support of a college coach can make a meaningful difference. The key is to be identified by a coach as a prospect that he or she will put forward to the admission office. This process frequently results in a student athlete being accepted at a college that might otherwise have been out of reach.

Even at the most highly competitive colleges (like the Ivy League and NESCAC schools) the coaches recruit from all over the world. They are searching for top athletes who are capable of meeting the academic standards of the school. Each of them identifies as many as over a hundred possible candidates and then narrows their list based on the skills needed, the likelihood of an athlete qualifying for acceptance and being interested in attending the college in question.

Student athletes can maximize their chances of benefiting from these opportunities by contacting coaches at colleges that are realistic for them and providing a comprehensive package of information on their athletic and academic accomplishments.