Reach High Scholars Club

The Reach High Scholars Club was started by a group of students who are committed to controlling their education destiny. They have the goal of attending a highly competitive college and helping each other and younger Raymond students to do so as well.

The Club is an RHS extra-curricular activity open to all students. Its weekly meetings include discussions about experiences in summer programs, planning of forthcoming college visits, reports on schools recently visited or researched, comparisons of the curricula at various colleges and financial aid policies. Attendance is encouraged even if only for a few minutes before a sports practice or other activity.

The older students play an important role in spreading ideas to the sophomores and freshmen, not only in the Club’s meetings, but also in the hallways, lunch room and wherever they encounter each other. This commitment to help others continues after graduation from high school.

Ms. Deirdre Doyle is the Club’s Faculty Advisor.