Highly Competitive Colleges That Award Merit Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded for academic and extracurricular (particularly athletic) achievement, frequently without regard to financial need.


Universities Liberal Arts Colleges
Brandeis University Bard College
Carnegie Mellon University Bowdoin College*
Case Western Reserve University Bucknell University 
College of William and Mary  Carleton College
Duke University* Claremont McKenna College*
Emory University* Colorado College
Georgia Tech  Davidson College* 
Johns Hopkins University Dickinson College
Lehigh University Gettysburg College 
New York University Grinnell College*
Northwestern University* Harvey Mudd College
Notre Dame* Hobart & William Smith College
Rensselaer Polytechnic Univ. Holy Cross*
Rice University Kenyon College 
Tulane University  Lafayette College
Vanderbilt University* Macalester College
UCLA Mount Holyoke College 
University of Cal. Berkeley Oberlin College
University of Chicago* Scripps College 
University of Michigan Skidmore College
University of North Carolina Smith College
University of Rochester  St. Lawrence University 
University of Southern California Swarthmore College*
University of Wisconsin Union College
Wake Forest University University of Richmond*
Washington Univ. in St. Louis Washington & Lee University
Wheaton College (MA) 


*Also have need-blind admissions policy