Tips on Preparing for College


Importance of SAT Preparation

• Common-denominator measurement applicable to all college applicants. “Be as good as the next guy.”

• Lack of preparation reduces chances of admission at top-choice colleges.

• The scores are your personal credential to compensate for unfamiliarity with RHS.

• The scores indicate which colleges are “in your reach.”

• Take the test at least twice by end of junior year with continual preparation and practice. “Heads you win; tails you win!”


Other Elements

• Excellent grades in challenging (AP and honors) courses

• Non-academic excellence (sports, art, performing arts)

• School leadership and contributions in the community

• Supplemental academic activities (on-line AP courses; summer programs)

• Supplemental sports activities (AAU and club teams)


Reach High Scholars Program Contributes to SAT and College Application Fees


Top Colleges Have Significant Financial Aid

• Over 40 Are “Need Blind.”


College Visits in Junior Year Are Important

• Reach High Scholars Program Contributes to Travel Costs